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Specialised trading company based in the free port city of Singapore

The liberalisation of trade has enabled us to be actively involved in parallel imports within the wholesale business. Based in the free port city of Singapore in the heart of Asia, we deal with branded and genuine cosmetics and perfumes. We offer the most competitive price range in the market as well as speed in delivery to cater to your product needs. Additionally, we are able to provide unique products originating in Asia and proposals for your company requirements.

Systematic transportation of mass goods

Educated on the strict standards of Japanese quality, our local staffs are skilled in the accurate inspection, safety and implementation of robust product packaging that can withstand overseas transportation. Even with a large amount of goods, they are able to work through a firm, systematic process to ensure a reliable delivery to your company.

We take pride in selling genuine products and will not sell any fake or imitation goods. We provide the clean goods and pack the products neatly and carefully to minimize any damages upon shipping.


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