Our marketing consulting service helps to widen the reach of your company’s distinctive product brands via both “online” and “offline” marketing channels. As a strong brand in Southeast Asia, we make a good partner in supporting your overseas expansion and proposing effective strategies that aim to promote your products and increase sales.


To encourage the re-purchase of products by existing customers at our pop-up shops and online store, we formulate regular campaigns that employ the use of marketing tools such email newsletters and Facebook. Together with excellent customer service, we work to keep in constant contact with customers and strengthening our ties.


Planning & management of pop-up shops (special events)

Our pop-up shops (special events) are a great opportunity to directly reach out to customers and display your products so that they appeal to the local market. While a full-time promoter enthusiastically explains about your products and aggressively pushes for sales, we focus our efforts on creating a high-quality customer database and utilising tactical marketing promotions to distribute product information and support repeat purchases from customers.

Creative planning and production

Whether it is an “offline” method of a pop-up shop and flyer production or an “online” method like banners and an LP production (eCommerce site), we are able to plan and produce sales promotion tools that can attract the attention of the target customer base.






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